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[geotamtam] Call for Papers: New methods and epistemologies to explore simulation models - II [message n° 2863] Tue, 11 June 2019 10:40
Courriel posté par Julien Perret

Conference on Complex Systems, 30th September - 4th October 2019, Singapore

Satellite Symposium

New methods and epistemologies to explore simulation models - II

Call for Papers


This satellite session focuses on methods to explore, validate and
calibrate simulation models, and on epistemological evolutions going
along with these new practices. It aims at extending the discussions
introduced at CCS2018 in the previous satellite on the
exploration of simulation models. This previous session presented the
OpenMOLE platform and interrogated the use of high performance computing
together with optimization heuristics such as evolutionary computation
for the calibration and validation of simulation
models. This second session will ask similar questions but (i) aiming
at a higher disciplinarity, possibly including disciplines in which
simulation is not a mainstream practice either because of the difficulty
to quantify such as in archeology, or because
of a stronger confidence given to other methods such as analytical
resolution in economics; (ii) aiming at a higher epistemological
component in the discussion, to reflexively investigate how simulation
and high performance computing can transform a discipline
and what are the conditions for acceptably validating knowledge in that

Call for Papers

Contributions are open to any research developing new methods,
practices, theories and epistemologies related to models of simulation.
No discipline is privileged as the debates are aimed at being
interdisciplinary. Methodological contributions are as much
welcomed as contributions in epistemology or history of science.

Abstract submission (max 500 words) is open until 30th June on easychair at https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=simexplo2019


Juste Raimbault, CNRS ISC-PIF

Romain Reuillon, CNRS ISC-PIF

Franck Varenne, University of Rouen ERIAC and CNRS IHPST

Contact: juste.raimbault@iscpif.fr

Satellite webpage: https://iscpif.fr/ccs-satelllite-session-2019-new-methods/

Submission link: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=simexplo2019

Main conference webpage: http://event.ntu.edu.sg/ccs2019/Pages/Home.aspx

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